Types of B2B Events: 5 Events Your Business Should Consider Hosting.

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In the competitive B2B landscape, standing out from the crowd is crucial. Traditional marketing tactics often fall short, leaving businesses searching for innovative ways to connect with their target audience. The answer? Experiential events. These events go light years beyond presentations and boring printed collateral, immersing attendees in the brand's essence and forging lasting relationships. Join us as we discuss five types of B2B events to make a splash. 

1. Brand Debut

Are you launching a new brand, rebranding to reflect your evolution, or looking to announce the new identity after a merger? A debut experience creates a grand entrance. Think show-stopping reveals, immersive environments, and interactive experiences that leave your attendees with your brand at the top of their minds, like Cummins' at ConExpo 2023, Cornerstone Building Brands at the International Builders Show (IBS) 2023, and Schoox at the 2023 Association for Talent Development (ATD) International Conference and Expo. At these events, architecture, design, technology, and strategic partnerships were leveraged to tell their brand's unique story, attract attendees, and provide experiences that will last a lifetime. 

2. Product Launches

Generate buzz and excitement for your latest offering(s) with a captivating product launch at your next B2B event. As we see with Zimmer Biomet's exhibit, live demonstrations, product experiences, and expert insights can catapult your innovation into the spotlight. For the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting (AAOS) 2023, Zimmer Biomet partnered with Hamilton to create a space that transported attendees to an operating room of the future and promote an understanding of their latest innovative products that solve real-world problems. The stunning design, consistent signage, and clear messaging helped attendees navigate through the space to the operating room of the future. Zimmer Biomet team members provided demonstrations, and attending surgeons were encouraged to participate in hands-on demonstrations inside private labs featured in the space. Ultimately, the unique exhibit helped Zimmer Biomet generate brand awareness and boost brand preference among their target audience. 

3. Networking Events

At times, B2B events should have a broader purpose than merely promoting and selling products and services. Sometimes, events are about setting the stage for innovation and development, bringing the brightest minds together. Strengthen relationships and build new ones with targeted networking events. Create forums for industry leaders and potential partners to exchange ideas, collaborate, and discover exciting opportunities. Caris Life Sciences did just that in their exhibit at the 2022 ASCO Annual Meeting. In partnership with Hamilton, Caris created opportunities for oncologists to interact with leading cancer experts nationwide. Not only did the event prove to be a powerful networking event, drawing in attendees from every perimeter of the show hall and filling up hundreds of back-to-back meetings, but the event also led to dramatic growth in brand visibility. 

4. Immersive Brand Experiences

Immerse attendees in your brand's world to promote better understanding and engagement. Think of interactive exhibits, storytelling elements, and cutting-edge technology that bring your brand story to life. For inspiration, look no further than Hamilton's work with Glastender, Inc., Johnson Controls, Mailchimp, and Sensormatic. The exhibit space embodied the brand's essence in these examples, with dynamic experiences set center stage. Glastender gave attendees a realistic bar experience showcasing the brand's products. Johnson Controls shifted the focus to industry leadership, brand stewardship, and sustainable solutions with rich digital content and keynote sessions drawing crowds to the solution-focused exhibit. Mailchimp's award-winning exhibit featured storytelling elements and an interactive wonder wall. Sensormatic featured their various security solutions within real-world vignettes, leveraging AI to bring the experience to life. 

5. Virtual Brand Experience

Geography is no barrier to virtual events—leverage technology to create engaging online experiences that connect you with a global audience. With the support of Hamilton, Dematic, Broan-Nutone, and Zimmer Biomet, these brands mastered the art of virtual engagement, showcasing products, and fostering connections across borders and time zones. With advanced virtual technology, brands can transport viewers and their products into inaccessible places, allowing for greater brand experiences. 

Full-Service B2B Event Marketing Solutions

With the right partner, you can turn your ideas into reality, solidify your brand identity, generate leads, and achieve your business goals. 

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