Discover Hamilton’s Prizewinning EMS 2024 IMAGINATIONbuilt. Experience

Hamilton Hamilton

This year marked a significant milestone for Hamilton as we exhibited for the first time at the Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) in Las Vegas. As newcomers to this conference, our objective was clear: to showcase the breadth of our full-service event marketing agency and illustrate how Hamilton transforms imagination into reality. The result? Hamilton’s IMAGINATIONbuilt. experience captivated attendees, securing the prestigious Best Experience Award at EMS 2024.Experiential Marketing Summit 2024

The Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) is the industry-leading conference for brand experiences. It's where experiential marketing professionals come together to exchange ideas, discover new trends, and learn from each other's successes. For Hamilton, EMS 2024 represented an opportunity to demonstrate our innovative approach to experiential marketing and connect with industry professionals looking for cutting-edge event solutions.

Experiential Marketing SummitOur primary objective at EMS 2024 was to drive awareness of Hamilton as a best-in-class event marketing partner, capable of versatile collaboration and unparalleled competence. We challenged ourselves to create an experience that would cut through the industry’s noise and captivate our audience in a vibrant and memorable way. We wanted to make a bold statement that would resonate with the sophisticated audience of brands and agencies alike. Thus, StudioH, Hamilton’s in-house creative experiential studio, created the IMAGINATIONbuilt. campaign, a call-to-action designed to showcase both our creative swagger and our full-service, in-house production expertise.

Upon entering our immersive space, attendees were invited to engage in a hands-on activity that perfectly embodied the spirit of the IMAGINATIONbuilt. campaign. We provided custom magnetic bottle-opener coasters, handcrafted in-house by Hamilton. These coasters were a testament to our production prowess, featuring a wooden base, magnets, and a functional bottle opener at the bottom.

Experiential Marketing SummitBut the real magic happened when attendees were encouraged to let their creativity flow. We designed and printed unique stickers for the tops of the coasters and invited participants to color them in, creating personalized keepsakes. This interactive activation was a real-time demonstration of how Hamilton can build engaging experiences while prioritizing our clients' imaginative visions.

Our efforts paid off spectacularly. The IMAGINATIONbuilt. experience enthralled attendees and ultimately earned Hamilton the Best Experience Award at EMS 2024. This recognition is a testament to our team's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in experiential marketing and our commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality solutions.

Hamilton's debut at the Experiential Marketing Summit was a resounding success, showcasing how Hamilton can make any imaginative concept a reality. The IMAGINATIONbuilt. campaign not only demonstrated our production capabilities but also highlighted our ability to foster creativity and engagement in unique ways. As we look to the future, Hamilton remains committed to helping brands and agencies bring their most ambitious concepts to life.

If you missed us at EMS 2024 or want to learn more about how Hamilton can elevate your next event, feel free to contact us. Let's build something extraordinary together.