Creative Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

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Boring corporate events are a thing of the past. When planning a corporate event, it is important to think beyond traditional engagements and surprise attendees with unique experiences. Incorporate creative and engaging entertainment into an event to make a lasting impact and create a meaningful experience. In this guide, we share 12 creative entertainment ideas for corporate events. 

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a classic team-building activity that can bring out the playful spirit in everyone. Participants collaborate to solve clues, uncover hidden treasures, and learn about your brand. Consider blending exclusive branded material into trivia, riddles, puzzles, clues, and prizes to boost brand awareness and cultivate engagement throughout the adventure. 

Live Music

Live music can set the mood for your event, from a mellow jazz band during cocktail hour to a vivacious cover band for dancing. Your music options vary widely depending on budget, resources, event size, and audience demographics. Handpick live music that appeals to your target audience and aligns with your brand's style. 


Cutting-edge experiences are offered by augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, which never fail to impress their audiences. Attendees explore virtual worlds, participate in immersive games, and take virtual tours of your products within specific environments. 

Awards Ceremony 

If your event is attended by colleagues, investors, community partners, and stakeholders who are already acquainted with one another, consider hosting an awards ceremony. During formal events, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and milestones of all the attendees. When your event allows for some humor, recognize silly achievements to elicit laughter and create a sense of inclusivity. Clever, light-hearted awards can include:

  • Office Clown Award
  • Best Beard Award
  • Most Tabs Open Award 
  • Best Zoom Backdrop
  • Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
  • Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize 
  • Most Contagious Smile
  • Most Mysterious 

Visual Artist 

Watching an artist at work can be a thrilling experience. Invite a talented visual artist to create portraits of attendees, product sketches, or creative presentation annotations. The visual work brings the experience to life and leaves attendees with a cherished memento. 

Collaborative Art Project 

Creating a collaborative art project fosters creativity and encourages people to step out of their comfort zones. Consider working with a local artist to design and paint a mural that aligns with your brand while also addressing community interests. Set up a time-lapse camera, provide supplies, and let attendees work together to design a collective masterpiece.


Infuse your corporate event with humor and fun by hiring a comedian; laughter is contagious. Choose a comedian familiar with corporate culture and whose style aligns with your audience's taste. It is best practice to avoid politics, prejudice, and profanity, and many comedians specialize in clean, corporate fun. 

Trivia Game

Excite some friendly competition with a trivia game based on company history, industry trends, product specifications, or general knowledge. Incorporate interactive technology to provide an immersive experience. Be sure to offer branded prizes for the winning participants!

Teach a Class

Give your corporate event a special educational twist by hosting a workshop or mini-class. For the most entertaining experience, offer a class that teaches something fun and memorable, like juggling, hula hooping, origami, or pottery wheel throwing. To make your class more entertaining and unforgettable, consider teaching unique hobbies such as juggling, hula hooping, origami, or pottery wheel throwing.

Make Something Delicious 

Present a culinary activity to make food and beverages even more desirable at corporate events. Consider providing an interactive culinary experience like making sushi rolls, cookie or cupcake decorating, or a mixology station with the guidance of a professional staff. Make sure to have options for non-alcoholic drinks and allergen-free food to accommodate all guests. Bonus points if the experience includes creatively branded elements! 


Invite a magician to spark curiosity and wonder at your corporate event. A well-executed magic show can initiate conversations, delight viewers, and create unforgettable memories. Ask the magician to integrate your products into the show to strengthen your brand’s association with lasting memories.

Mini Activations

Why limit your corporate event to just one form of entertainment? Mini-activations allow you to incorporate a variety of engagements on a smaller scale. These could include a pianist, photo booth with props, mingling magician, portraiture station, and more. Incorporating entertainment clusters throughout the event allows attendees to discover and engage in exciting experiences at every turn. 

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