Executive Q&A With Josh Frisbie: Creative Director at Hamilton

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Originally featured in Event Marketer magazine

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Josh Frisbie Hamilton Creative Director Event Marketer Fab 50 2020

Give us the quick version: How do you describe your company?

Our tagline, “We create immersive brand spaces” says it all. Hamilton brings over 73 years’ experience crafting successful and impactful event marketing solutions to companies around the world. If you have a story to tell or need help creating your story, we partner with you to engage your customers through trade shows, events, brand environments, virtual solutions, and experiences/engagements.

How would you describe the culture at your company?

Hamilton is a family-owned business, but more importantly, a family-feel business. We are a fun, warm, and empathetic group of talented people who strive for a common purpose of building relationships and building experiences. There is a genuineness at Hamilton that is hard to find in any industry.

What types of things do your clients say about you?

There is no better reward than hearing and seeing the reactions from our clients. The appreciation for the physical appearance of our environments is one thing, but the accolades regarding our teamwork, strategic leadership, professionalism, transparency, and partnership is even more rewarding.

How have you changed your offerings over the last few years?

I feel that since change is always constant, evolution is always necessary. We don’t have a catalog of experiences to choose from, nor should you want one. Each journey is unique, and each message is important. Whether it’s a trade show, brand environment, event, or virtual solution we have the teams in place to determine the best vehicle to deliver the message.

What project from the last 12 months are you especially proud of and why?

We created a magnificent physical presentation for Zimmer Biomet at AAOS 2020 – then the show was cancelled just prior to shipment. We launched their virtual platform in less than three weeks.

How are you leveraging technologies to enhance attendee engagement for in-person events?

I’m a firm believer in not using technology for technology’s sake. Done right, technology will supplement the live event as one seamless experience. Done better, technology will also provide you with valuable data to get the most ROI. We have in-house technology and engagement teams, as well as proprietary lead capture and virtual solutions.

What were the biggest mistakes clients made with their exhibit programs, prior to Covid?

Not thinking “big” enough. An event can be more than a 3 to 5-day marketing exercise. How is this event part of the big picture strategy? How can you leverage a hybrid approach to reach more people? How can social media and marketing efforts be used to extend the message?

Let’s talk about short-term and long-term strategies teams can be working on now: Can you share some of your near-term solutions for customer engagement, and then some of the strategies you’re exploring for later next year (new event and revenue models, out of the box ideas)?

In the short-term, event teams should focus on tuning up their virtual platforms—testing all features and content with meaningful events that engage key customers, with the involvement and commitment of senior management. Next—sooner than later—teams should commit to their first post-Covid in-person event and decide how ‘hybrid’ is going to look for them. It’s a new day.

There has been a huge surge into virtual events. Is this a Band Aid or will we see a resurgence of digital and hybrid events in the future?

Hybrid events are our future. When done right, your brand reach is virtually limitless. With the right advice, one plus one can equal three. Live + Virtual = Hybrid.


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