Experiential Fabrication: What it is and How to do it

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To bring your showstopping idea to life, your event needs innovative fabrication techniques. While traditional fabrication techniques can provide a valuable foundation, experiential fabrication techniques are increasingly necessary to convey your brand’s vision, captivate your audience, and make lasting impressions. 

But what is experiential fabrication? Read on to learn all about experiential fabrication and the ways in which it can transform your next event. 

What is Experiential Fabrication

Experiential event fabrication is the creation and strategic acquisition of physical assets that support immersive brand experiences such as exhibits, trade shows, events, and mobile tours. The assets can include elements of any material or dimension, spanning expert-engineered supporting structures, modular rentals, innovative graphics, custom paint, LED video walls, and more. With experiential fabrication, traditional fabrication methods are enhanced and complemented with the most advanced, industry-leading design, creation, and manufacturing processes. Experiential fabrication services are comprehensive, innovative, and creative. They use any and all means necessary to bring every vision to life.  

Components of Experiential Fabrication

The components of experiential fabrication include the infrastructure, experience, skill, and expertise to develop and create experiential events. 


A skilled engineering team is critical for the success of the support systems and structures of your experiential exhibition. The engineering team is responsible for developing the technical solutions for executing the aesthetics and functionality of your event and creating the processes for smooth assembly and deconstruction. 


Experiential fabrication relies heavily on a versatile and experienced fabrication team to manage and execute the creation, building, and assembly of your event with unmatched attention to detail. The best fabrication teams provide full-service capabilities that include custom, modular, and rental solutions. 

Graphics Production

Graphics production is an integral part of experiential fabrication. Events typically require displays and marketing collateral to showcase your brand. The best graphic production specialists are innovative and agile, customize processes to meet the unique needs of your brand, and successfully convey your brand’s message. 

Event Technologies

Event technologies and experiential fabrication go hand-in-hand. In order to turn your experiential event dream into a reality, you will likely need a team of experts to provide AV rental, testing and quality assurance, AV integration and programming, on-sight technical supervision, and access to AV partners worldwide.  


Benefits of Experiential Event Fabrication

Unlimited Capabilities

With experiential fabrication, everything is possible. The capabilities of the best experiential fabrication teams are extensive, varied, and highly skilled. With attention to detail and industry-leading technologies, every element, from the floor plan and architectural structure to the smallest decorative element, are carefully created. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Experiential fabrication is a dynamic approach that brings dynamic visions to life. Experiential fabrication helps brands increase awareness by providing the infrastructure to authentically and optimally communicate messages that resonate with audiences.  

Make a Lasting Positive Impression

Experiential fabrication enables companies to showcase their brand in the most favorable light and make a lasting positive impact.

Drive Customer Engagement

Experiential fabrication strategies are responsible for creating multiple positive touchpoints that generate leads and inspire powerful word-of-mouth marketing. 


Examples of Experiential Fabrication

Because the purpose of experiential fabrication is to bring each brand’s unique vision to life, examples of successful experiential fabrication endeavors vary as widely as the companies they support. The following examples highlight varied experiential fabrication approaches that effectively met or exceeded each business’s objectives. 


Sensormatic partnered with Hamilton to create an immersive retail environment that showcased their various security solutions with real-world vignettes. To create a compelling customer journey, Hamilton fabricated experiential elements such as complex architecture with interdependent structures at intersecting angles, a circular floor plan with concentrated areas of interest, tall windows that created focal points around the entrances and exits, LED video walls, and bright lighting. The experiential fabrication played a pivotal role in attracting a large audience and driving lead capture. Sensormatic described Hamilton’s experiential fabrication work as “herculean.” 


Cummins partnered with Hamilton to create a mobile exhibit complete with a 53-foot show trailer, four OEM trucks and trailers, and a supply trailer. The experiential fabrication elements transformed the interior of the trailer into a show that promoted engines, related products, and the Cummins brand. The approach successfully increased public exposure and customer engagement, satisfied multiple stakeholders, and exceeded business objectives. 


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