How Much Does it Cost to Run a Mobile Marketing Tour?

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Mobile tours have charming, classic roots that date back to the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and, still, today, have endless possibilities brands can explore. A mobile marketing tour is an excellent way to expand your audience and make lasting positive impressions. That being said, why are mobile marketing tours relatively uncommon? One reason is that brands may need help understanding or feel intimidated by the perceived costs. So, how much does running a mobile marketing tour cost for a company? Since every mobile marketing tour is wildly different from another, it is nearly impossible to give a specific number. But to answer this question as thoroughly as possible, we discuss the factors that affect the cost of a mobile marketing tour and share our budgeting tips below.  

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Mobile Marketing Tour

A mobile marketing tour requires many elements, including the vehicle(s), staff, locations, fuel, permits, registration, refreshments, entertainment, experiences, marketing, and time. What role does each of these elements play in the cost of a mobile marketing tour? 

1. Time Frame and Distance

The time the show is on the road affects overall costs substantially. Staff must be compensated and given accommodations. Marketing throughout the tour is necessary to sustain engagement. The longer the tour, the higher the bill will be for these daily costs and more. The amount of miles the tour undertakes also impacts the costs. Mileage costs encompass fuel, tolls, maintenance, and vehicle repairs; the further the tour travels, the higher these costs will be. 

2. Operations and Logistics 

Quite a lot goes into ensuring the show stays on the road. Operations and logistics costs include permits, registration fees, staffing, management, electricity, wireless connectivity, and many other logistical and operational services that arise during a tour. Some of these costs can vary depending on many decisions about the tour's location, staffing, and other more programmatic aspects. Additional costs, like registration fees, are non-negotiable. 

3. Choice of Vehicle 

There are many different types of vehicles to choose from. An extensive range of manufacturers, various sizes of vehicles, and plenty of other choices influence this line item. Whether or not you purchase or lease, the vehicle will affect the price. Once the vehicle is chosen, you can consider customizations, likely impacting the price. To what extent do you want to outfit the exterior to communicate your brand's personality? Do you want to alter the interior to suit the needs of the tour? Consider these practical and design aspects when outlining the part of the budget that pertains to the vehicle. 

4. Experiential Elements  

Once you have figured out the framework for the vehicle, it is time to think about the features that make the tour exciting. How are you planning to capture the attention of audiences near and far? Entertainment programming and experiential elements also factor into the budget. Do you need a powerful sound system? Do you envision any unique features that require elaborate customizations? If you choose to use advanced technology like AR/VR, remember that this may raise the cost of your tour. 


Budgeting Tips for Mobile Marketing Tours

So, how do brands make the most of their budget for a mobile marketing tour? The options all fit into two distinct paths. 

1. Limit the Scale

One way to optimize a budget is to keep the costs as low as possible. Opt for a smaller vehicle, with fewer customizations and a shorter run time, and keep the entertainment and engagement opportunities simple. If this does not sound appealing, remember that brands can still launch and execute effective marketing campaigns even with limitations. It takes great creativity and resourcefulness, and it certainly helps if the low-key, grass-roots, or restrained approach aligns with the brand's personality. However, this is only sometimes the case. In many instances, brands need and want to dream big and go bold; there is another way to stay on budget for these brands. 

2. Work with an Experienced Agency

The other way to optimize a budget is to partner with an experienced event marketing agency that is an expert in creating exceptional tours that stay on budget and deliver a strong ROI. When you partner with an experienced agency, you gain access to resources, skills, tools, and insight that can help you bring your vision to life cost-effectively. How do you find a great agency? Hamilton is here to help. We are a full-service event marketing agency with a 75-year legacy creating immersive brand experiences for companies throughout North America and around the world. We design, produce, and execute integrated experiences – mobile tours, outdoor events, exhibits, proprietary events and conferences, corporate environments, and digital solutions – that drive meaningful connections between your brand and your audience.

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