Hamilton Wins EXHIBITORLIVE Student’s Choice Award

Hamilton Hamilton

2024_Bos_StudentsChoiceHamilton is honored to receive EXHIBITORLIVE’s, an industry-leading conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate event marketing, first inaugural Best of Show – Student’s Choice award.

EXHIBITOR Group awarded Hamilton with the Best of Show – Student’s Choice award at this year’s EXHIBITORLIVE in Nashville, TN. This award was selected by EDPA University Affiliation Program students from Bemidji State University and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) New York design students.

Hamilton’s exhibit at EXHIBITORLIVE 2024 showcased a “Beyond Convention” campaign. Hamilton’s “Beyond Convention” campaign challenged attendees to defy convention and go beyond the traditional to create something original. With a retro-futurism theme, the experience was designed to be nostalgic, innovative, and eclectic. Going “Beyond Convention”, Hamilton’s space opted for a maximalism approach with various textures, unique materials, bold shapes, and bright colors. The “Beyond Convention” environment’s tone was set with a Hamilton created and produced eight-track record, signature vanilla scent, custom hat engagement, and refreshing cream sodas. Read more about the experience here.

“I had the privilege of accompanying our team to Nashville to witness the result of their excellent planning and execution,” said Dan Cantor, Hamilton Chairman and CEO. “I was thrilled to see the result of our efforts – especially the overwhelming volume of booth traffic! Hamilton is honored to have won the inaugural EXHIBITORLIVE Best of Show – Student’s Choice Award for 2024. This award is very significant to us because it means that we were chosen by the 'next generation' of leaders and future clients as their favorite solution. Thanks to EXHIBITOR Group for a great event!”DSCF0134-HDR

About Hamilton

Hamilton is a full-service event marketing agency with a 75-year legacy creating immersive brand experiences for companies throughout North America and around the world. We design, produce, and execute integrated experiences – exhibits, events, environments, and digital solutions – that drive meaningful connections between your brand and your audience.