Hamilton Wins Platinum AVA Award

Hamilton Hamilton

AVA Platinum Site BugHamilton was named a 2024 Platinum AVA Award recipient in the Interactive Digital Video category for their work on Baxter’s Innovation Cubes.

AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding work by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design, and production of media that is part of the evolution of digital communication. AVA digital winners are selected from over 200 audio, video, social, mobile, interactive, and web-based production categories.

Hamilton worked with Baxter for the American Society of Nephrology’s (ASN) “Kidney Week” to design a set of three towers, each made up of three LED cubes featuring eye-catching 3D motion graphics and product imagery. Each tower was paired with a touchscreen kiosk that allowed attendees to control the content on the LED tower and access information about Baxter’s solutions, including three treatment modalities and nine therapy innovations. The LED tower associated with the user’s touchscreen would respond to their input. The motion graphics on each tower were designed to either treat each cube as a separate unit, treat the cubed tower as one by showing motion effects cascading down and through the structure from one cube to the next, or make the objects and settings appear if they were contained inside the cube rather than just on the outer surface.

“Often the compulsion with digital engagement in the trade show booth is to let the cool tech drive the deliverable. The Baxter Innovation Cubes installation was a good example of what can happen when the content and the objectives drive the technology,” said David Pott, Hamilton’s Senior Director – Digital Engagement. “Our team worked closely with Baxter to understand their goals and desires and developed the concept of the stacked cubes out of that. The result was an eye-catching digital display that was perfectly in tune with its content and messaging.”

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