Finding the Best Outdoor Corporate Event Venue: A Guide

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The venue provides the backdrop for your brand’s story. Every venue is unique and contributes differently to your audience’s experience. If you are planning a corporate event, outdoor corporate event venues are worth considering because they offer many distinct opportunities and benefits. In this guide, we explore everything you need to know about outdoor corporate event venues and explain how to choose a venue. 

Why Consider Outdoor Corporate Event Venues

Outdoor corporate event venues offer many different benefits from indoor spaces. Here are just a few reasons why a brand should consider an outdoor space: 

Mobile tours were created for outdoor venues because the event’s focal point is the branded vehicle. For more information and inspiration, check out the Cummins Redefining Mobile Tour

Hosting an outdoor event shapes the attendee experience. Being outdoors can evoke sensory experiences such as the warmth of the sun, the sound of the ocean, or a breathtaking view of the city from a rooftop. Outdoor venues offer opportunities for various activities – grilling, sports, team building, campfires, and live music. 

Hosting events that take place both inside and outside can be practical and advantageous. Choosing a corporate venue with outdoor space helps overcome logistical challenges such as the need for additional space, fresh air, or a change of environment. Having outdoor and indoor spaces can also add variety to the opportunities for engagement. Examples of venues with outdoor and indoor spaces include a convention center with a lawn, a botanical garden with a blended area, or a waterfront restaurant with an outside patio and interior dining space. Read about the Corteva Agriscience exhibit at the Farm Progress Show for inspiration. 

Finally, opting for an outdoor venue may lower your costs, but it depends on the venue. There are affordable options for hosting outdoor events, such as public spaces, parking lots, or school grounds. These locations usually require a permit, which is less expensive than renting an indoor venue of equal size.

What makes an ideal outdoor corporate venue?

Here are the top five criteria that comprise an ideal corporate venue:

  1. The venue aligns with the brand vision.  
  2. The venue is equipped with the necessary amenities to make the event successful. 
  3. The rental and permit costs are within the budget. 
  4. The venue’s square footage and conditions align with the event’s needs. 
  5. The venue enhances the audience experience, surprises and delights the audience, and makes a meaningful impact. 

How to Choose an Outdoor Corporate Venue

Choosing an outdoor corporate venue is no small task. These are some steps to take and factors to consider when making your decision: 

  1. The first step is to identify your event objectives. What goals are you striving to achieve with this event? Consider defining success and what you want the audience to take away from the outdoor corporate event experience. 
  2. The second step is to identify and clarify the target audience. Think about your audience’s demographics, preferences, behaviors, and desires. Conduct audience research to understand how the event can facilitate meaningful connections and satisfy needs. 
  3. The third step is to consider the types of experiences your brand wants to provide the audience. How do you want to engage with attendees? What kinds of activities and interactions are you looking to provide? 
  4. The fourth step in the process is to evaluate the budget and resources you have available for this event. 
  5. Once you understand the objectives, audience, experience, and budget, it is time to consider logistics such as location, climate, and space. Consider all factors and determine the right level of flexibility for success. 
  6. Review the available options that meet the established criteria. Conduct tours and ask questions until you find the site to bring your event to life!

Find the Perfect Venue for Your Next Outdoor Corporate Event

Hamilton can help you select a location that aligns with your brand vision, make excellent use of space, and meet and exceed expectations.

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