How to Choose Event Management Software

Hamilton Hamilton

It is crucial to have the right tools in place to realize the full potential of any event. One of the most important tools for event management is the software that facilitates engagement and content delivery. The event management software you choose must be comprehensive, user-friendly, actionable, and effective, but what do those qualities entail? In this guide, we share our thoughts on what to look for in event management software.  

Serves Internal and Client-Facing Needs 

Event management software must serve the company and clients, effectively bridging the gap between the two. Event management software requires seamless and stress-free integration with your CRM platform and tools like Google Analytics. Integration on the back end maximizes the value of your customer information and helps you make the most powerful impact. An interactive lead capture feature inviting event attendees to register with secure sign-on per regulatory and GDPR requirements will also cultivate trust and drive success throughout the customer journey. 


Facilitates Engagement and Content Delivery 

Did you know event management software can facilitate meaningful dialogues between an audience and a brand? Dynamic features like a content library, meeting scheduler, and event information guide foster productive interactions and show customers that your brand cares. 


Supports In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

Today, events are no longer one-dimensional, and nearly every program includes variations of in-person, virtual, and hybrid elements. Get the most value out of your event management software by opting for a solution that covers all forms of engagement and caters to dynamic features like video streaming, webinars, integrated messaging, and live chat. 


Enhances the Experience 

Event management software is about more than data and programming. Rather it has the potential to enhance the attendee experience. The best event management software builds upon and increases positive touch points for visitors to experience with your brand. Additionally, the solution enables brands to go beyond one-sheeters and presentation decks to include games and interactive educational content that brings your brand's message to life. Once the engaging elements are placed, the software can more effectively collect actionable data to improve the experience. 


Easy and Pleasant to Use 

If the interface is difficult to use, it does not matter how many features a software offers. Looking for event management software with a smooth interface would be best. Web-based apps can be great because they are accessible and do not require special activation or downloads. Touchless activation via QR code, email, or social media links can make connections easy and fast. 


Enhances Lead Capture

It is common for events to see many attendees, which translates to immense opportunities to attract new customers. However, your brand will miss valuable opportunities if you do not have an easy way to capture pertinent information. 

Event management software can streamline lead capture with a download-less secure sign-on process that aligns with regulatory requirements. When attendees register or create a profile, the brand collects contact information, role, interests, and more — all of which enables the delivery of a personalized experience that turns prospects into loyal customers.


Finding the Right Event Management Software

 When searching for the ideal event management software, the key is finding the right platform that supports your brand's objectives while offering attendees a user-friendly experience. 

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