Interactive Exhibits: How to Create Unforgettable Immersive Experiences

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When you are looking to create a memorable, immersive experience for the attendees at your next event, consider integrating the qualities and features of interactive exhibits into your design. 

Interactive exhibits are popular, enjoyable, and memorable because they transform curious viewers into invested participants. Interactive exhibits employ compelling strategies such as facilitating social interaction, involving physical activity, and providing opportunities for personalization in order to inspire attendees to take action. Interactive exhibits are powerful tools for building audience engagement. 

When applied to events and shows that promote brands, interactive exhibits can also be referred to as interactive event marketing


What is Interactive Event Marketing?

Interactive event marketing is an event marketing strategy that promotes a brand, product, or service through engaging, participatory activities. It involves direct, individualized exchanges between companies and consumers. For companies, interactive events are powerful opportunities to build brand awareness, cultivate trust, and generate leads. For consumers, interactive events are excellent opportunities to directly engage with companies and experience a brand’s unique offerings. The interactive events can take on a multitude of forms and can occur in-person, online, or in a hybrid format. 


Benefits of Interactive Event Marketing

Enhance the Visitor Experience

Events that consist of monotonous presentations or endless sales pitches can be boring for attendees.  Interactive event marketing invites attendees to engage in activities and conversations. Interactive exhibits can spark curiosity, activate the senses, facilitate social interaction, and inspire action. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Interactive event marketing involves an exchange of information between prospective customers and a brand. When communication flows back and forth between the brand and consumers, lively conversations can occur. This approach provides companies with valuable opportunities to learn about their audience, cultivate more meaningful relationships, and use the information to make important business decisions that enhance those relationships. When businesses have the information they need to sustain strong customer relationships, customer satisfaction can increase. 

Increase Lead Generation

Interactive event marketing facilitates multiple positive touch points and dynamic conversations that are excellent opportunities for generating leads. When paired with an effective lead capture solution like Hamilton inSIGHT™, you can optimize the lead generation capabilities of your interactive event marketing strategy. Hamilton inSIGHT™ is a proprietary lead capture solution that makes your trade show event marketing efforts pay off. It is designed to capture qualifying information from every booth visitor regardless of where they are engaged in the booth. 


Examples of Interactive Event Marketing


For the global engineering company Dematic, Hamilton turned the physical experience of touring technology centers in-person into an immersive digital experience. Dematic “virtualized” two of its larger physical tech centers using product and content videos as well as panoramic 360° photos, and with Hamilton created a virtual technology platform that allows Dematic’s tour guides to walk customers through the impressive spaces as if they were there in person. The virtual tour is modeled on the live experience in many effective ways. The tour groups stop along the route to see and hear details of each of Dematic’s technology solutions portrayed with high-definition video and voice-over audio commentary. Trained Dematic tour guides meet remotely with prospective customers all over the world, in their local language, and bring them along into the tech centers for a customized, personalized look at the most relevant solutions. The video and interactive content streamed directly to the tour participants’ computers for the highest quality virtual event marketing experience. 

Johnson Controls

The innovative equipment and HVAC manufacturer Johnson Controls partnered with Hamilton to create an interactive booth that focused on industry leadership, brand stewardship, and smart sustainable solutions. The goal was to minimize product and maximize brand impact, with a smaller booth footprint and a lower budget. The interactive booth design included a hi-res LED screen backdrop with digital motion content and centralized casual seating for conversations and engagement. Through live and virtual keynote broadcasts, a mobile app, and QR code kiosks, event attendees could interact in multiple ways. For Johnson Controls, interactive event marketing led to a packed booth, substantial conversations, and positive press support. 


Emerson is a global automation solutions company that works to address the world’s most critical needs. For their booth at PMA Fresh Summit, Emerson partnered with Hamilton to create interactive multitaction tables that brought curious bystanders into the booth and showcased Emerson as a leader in technology.    


Partner with Hamilton to Create an Unforgettable Interactive Exhibit

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