How to Host a Metaverse Event and Why

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The digital landscape is rapidly evolving and expanding the possibilities for events. Some of the most innovative and emerging event opportunities lie in the metaverse. While the term “metaverse” may be familiar to many, its meaning and connection to events is not yet widely understood. The unfamiliarity of metaverse events makes them a powerful way to surprise and delight audiences. In this guide, we explain metaverse events, describe how to host an event in the metaverse, and dive deeper into why brands should consider metaverse events. 

What are Metaverse Events?

Metaverse events are events that take place within a spatial computing platform designed to facilitate dynamic digital experiences. Metaverse events rely on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to simulate on-ground experiences. In a metaverse event, attendees engage as avatars in a virtual environment that is experienced in real-time. Participants can interact with other attendees, brand representatives, and digital objects in the virtual world, similar to on-ground events. The metaverse empowers brands to create immersive digital experiences that mirror real-world events without the logistical limitations of in-person experiences. From the comfort of their own home or office, attendees from all over the world can join the metaverse and explore endless possibilities.

How to Host an Event in the Metaverse

Curious about what it takes to host an event in the metaverse? Just like in-person, hybrid, and other virtual events, the strategy, design, and execution must span the time before, during, and after the event. Here is what you need to know to get started: 

  1. Define the Objectives: The metaverse offers unique environments and opportunities for events and brands. Start by defining the event's objectives and how the metaverse supports those goals. 
  2. Develop the Marketing Strategy: Every successful event requires a well-crafted marketing strategy, and metaverse events are no exception. Given the unique setting of metaverse events, additional marketing may be necessary to educate attendees on the nature and benefits of this type of event. Prioritize creating and launching your event marketing plan to generate buzz and build attendance. 
  3. Choose the Platform: When selecting the right metaverse platform for your brand, it is crucial to consider the user interface, customization capabilities, and scalability. Identify a platform that meets your event requirements, delivering a seamless experience for your company and audience. 
  4. Design the Event: When designing a virtual event, it is important to consider many of the same elements as an in-person event while understanding that you can dream even bigger. For example, in the real world, hosting your event in a castle might be impossible, but in the metaverse, it is entirely feasible. During the event design stage, you will create the venue, build the objects, plan the integration of your products or services, add interactive elements, and more. 
  5. Prepare the Attendees: Understanding the needs of your audience is vital for any event, particularly for metaverse events where attendees require extra support to enjoy the experience fully. A tech-savvy audience well-versed in the metaverse has different needs than an audience unfamiliar with the metaverse. It is essential to be inclusive, provide clear instructions, and offer accessible technical support to all audiences, regardless of their familiarity with technology. The participant's interaction with the metaverse should be smooth, supportive, and exciting, as it will reflect your brand. 
  6. Run the Event: When it is time to orchestrate your metaverse event, encourage participation, foster dialogue, and enjoy the experience. To optimize lead generation, use a lead capture solution like Hamilton inSIGHT® to ensure you secure and deliver valuable leads for your sales team. 
  7. Keep the Buzz Going: After the event, it is important to share the experience with your audience and follow up with the attendees. Solicit participant feedback, review the event objectives, assess the outcomes, and highlight the successes to maintain excitement, continue engagement, and leverage the buzz for your next event in the metaverse. 

Why Host Events in the Metaverse

Here are the top three reasons to host events in the metaverse: 

  1. Novel: The metaverse remains foreign to many brands and consumers. If you want to create a memorable experience that will delight and amaze your audience, consider hosting an event in the metaverse.
  2. Reach a Wider Audience: Although in-person events present several benefits, one of the drawbacks that can limit participation is the requirement for travel. In the metaverse, anyone has the opportunity to participate regardless of their ability to travel.
  3. Endless Opportunities: The metaverse offers the freedom to bring your imagination to life and create anything you can conceptualize. There are countless opportunities to showcase your products and services and captivate your audience.

Embark upon the Metaverse with Hamilton

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