How Voice of Customer Research Can Improve Event Marketing

Hamilton Hamilton

When it comes to event marketing, you want to do everything possible to understand and connect with your audience.

Conducting Voice of Customer (VoC) research can help you become acquainted with your target audience and speak to them using their terminology. This blog will explain Voice of Customer research and how to use it when improving your event marketing strategy

What is Voice of Customer Research?


Voice of Customer research is the process of gathering customer feedback and using the findings to improve your brand. 

Voice of Customer research provides a first-hand look into how your attendees and customers feel about your company and the products or services offered. 

Why is Voice of Customer Research Important?HME-OctoberBlog-Graphic


Imagine if you could regularly sit in a roundtable with your target audience and discuss their experience with your brand. Think of all the valuable insights you’d accumulate from hearing their impressions of your brand.

With Voice of Customer research, you get access to everything you need to know from your audience online. Voice of Customer research is tapping into their needs in their own words. This allows you to understand what your target audience is looking for by giving them more of what they want and less of what they don’t. 

Knowing your audience’s needs empowers you to help your consumers reach their goals and improve their journey with your brand.

How to Conduct Voice of Customer Research 


Send Post-event Surveys

Distributing surveys to attendees after your event is a great way to discover what was a success and what missed the mark according to your audience. 

Surveys allow you to gather both qualitative and quantitative data through a combination of rating and open-ended questions. The open-ended questions on your survey let you capture your attendees' voices to gather feedback and incorporate it into future events. 

Get Savvy With Social Media

To gather the Voice of Customer data after an event, spend time where your attendees are – on social media. Look through the event hashtags and location tags to find posts where people are talking about your brand. 

Forums like Reddit and Quora are also useful ways to tap into organic conversations about your company. 

Read Your Reviews

Online reviews are an excellent source to mine Voice of Customer data. Customers are comfortable speaking candidly when they leave online reviews, which will help you understand any pain points or frustrations surrounding your brand. 

In addition to checking your website’s reviews, check all third-party review sites for your industry, like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or 

While reviews might not reference specific events, customer feedback regarding your brand can be used to promote your future events. 

Step Up Your Event Marketing 

Voice of Customer research helps you understand what your customers and attendees seek. You can use their pain points, desires, and ideas to influence the content you create and fuel the marketing for your next event.

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