How the Metaverse Will Change Marketing: 7 Biggest Shifts

Hamilton Hamilton

The metaverse is an emergent space making waves across industries, and event marketing is no exception. According to a survey among marketers conducted in 2022, 68% of respondents strongly or somewhat agreed that most brands would advertise in the metaverse in the next five years. In the same survey, 75% of respondents strongly agreed that consumers will spend more time in the metaverse than on social media. 

Many companies want to capitalize on the opportunity to connect with their audience through the metaverse, and marketing is a key vehicle for that connection. In this guide, we discuss the question countless wonder, “How will the metaverse change marketing?” We look at seven significant shifts we anticipate in the future of metaverse event marketing. 

Immersive Experiences

The metaverse opens up exciting brand opportunities to provide novel, immersive experiences. In the metaverse, users can view products true to scale in their homes, try on products virtually, explore detailed virtual environments, and interact with others in virtual space with a greater dimensionality. Brands now have the ability to take customers or their avatars anywhere and show them anything in a dynamic, immersive, nearly real-life way without the need for overlays. The metaverse offers a unique option for brands to create and showcase immersive experiences and advertising.

Emphasis on Storytelling

The metaverse opens new possibilities for discovery and places more emphasis on storytelling. Customers are not limited to just following a narrative; they can take on the role of the main character in the marketing experience. Instead of watching the story unfold on the screen, they now have the ability to experience it fully in the digital space. 

Richer Visibility into Customer Behaviors

The metaverse provides increased opportunities for customer-brand interaction. Countless dimensions enable customers to play a more active role in the story, giving brands better insight into their behaviors, preferences, needs, and desires. The ability to gain a deeper understanding of customer experiences can be leveraged to develop more engaging brand interactions.

Next Level Personalization

The metaverse allows brands to take personalization to the next level. Each customer could have their own environment to explore and unique brand ambassadors to guide them through their experience. Customers can now bring products or services into their homes or businesses, virtually represented in any way they imagine. These advancements in the metaverse foster stronger connections between customers and brands.

Digital Products

Brands use digital products in the metaverse to enhance brand awareness and recall, similar to how physical merchandise is used in the real world. In the metaverse, brands can create and share digital products such as collectibles, merchandise, badges, and more. Fans enjoy merchandise products in the digital world and gain clout based on owning the product. 

Digital Spaces

Brands have the opportunity to create their own digital spaces in the metaverse. Physical and logistical parameters do not bind companies in the digital world. The metaverse transcends geographical boundaries, allowing people from all over the world to have riveting brand experiences. Consumers have the option to explore virtual showrooms or import products into their virtual homes. Brands can advertise in digital spaces, similar to billboards on highways.

The Unknown

The most significant shift in the metaverse lies in the unknown. As an emergent technology with endless possibilities, the metaverse is a world where much has yet to be defined. There is plenty of room for brands to innovate and create truly original experiences. Rather than waiting to see how the metaverse will change event marketing, participate in defining its future. Dream boldly and partner with experienced visionaries to bring your ideas to life. 

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