Hybrid Event Trends to Look out for in 2023

Hamilton Hamilton

The event industry was forced to make some monumental changes in 2020, and several advances that would have taken years to develop became the norm overnight. While many events have returned to “normal,” some exciting developments from the last two years are here to stay. As a leader in the event marketing industry for over 75 years, Hamilton understands the importance of looking ahead when creating events. In this guide, we share our forecasts for the hybrid event trends to look out for in 2023. 


1. Micro Events Become More Popular

Small events can make strong impressions. In 2023, we look forward to micro events that delight and connect audiences more personally. Smaller events are feasible when considering which components could be moved online. Brands recognize that micro events are powerful ways to continue audience engagement throughout the year. They can include hybrid programs such as discussion panels, expert Q&A sessions, game nights, happy hours, workshops, social media events, and more! 


2. Events Will Enter a Year-Round Cycle

Traditionally, large companies will host a main event once or twice a year. However, today, most companies are transitioning to a year-round cycle featuring smaller events, including both in-person and virtual configurations. With the hybrid event model, events can easily occur more frequently, engaging broad audiences and expanding the excitement beyond scheduled programming. In 2023, we look forward to increasing branded programming and focusing on building community through engaging content rather than simply wowing audiences once per year. 


3. Experiential Marketing Will Continue to Increase

Experiential marketing allows brands to create positive, immersive experiences that make a lasting impression and build brand loyalty. In 2023, we look forward to developments in experiential hybrid events, meeting the needs of consumers seeking dynamic, transformative, and engaging experiences who want each event to feel like it brought value to their life. Experiential marketing will continue to develop in the hybrid format through alternate reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, further blurring the lines between in-person and virtual experiences.

4. The Emphasis on Physical and Virtual Safety Will Persist

Between public health, public safety, and cyber security, hybrid events must cover all the bases. The emphasis on physical and virtual safety persists in 2023. In terms of public health and safety, in-person events follow the evolving protocols recommended by organizers and other governing bodies. For cybersecurity, many organizations embrace robust protocols like Zero Trust and elevate the concerns from a technical problem to a business risk. 


5. More Data Collection Before, During, And After Events

Big data is a valuable resource for event managers and brands alike. Data helps brands anticipate customers’ desires, needs, and buying behaviors. Particularly when strategizing in-person and virtual components, data can also assist event managers and brands in gaining insight into the efficacy of various elements. Additionally, data collection can drive lead generation and boost sales. In 2023, we expect real-time data collection throughout the event lifecycle, encompassing the entire span of audience engagement d – before, during, and after the event. 


6. Increasing Investments In Event Technology

Event technology is making waves in the event industry by transforming how brands communicate with audiences, how the digital and virtual worlds intersect, and how brands generate meaningful leads from audience interactions. Here at Hamilton, we have been at the forefront of event technology. 

  • Hamilton EXTEND® is our award-winning customized brand experience virtual and hybrid solution. Our experiences have covered various strategic and tactical objectives, including virtual exhibits, hybrid extensions, proprietary events, immersive showrooms, sales-enabled product showcases, and live-guided virtual facility tours. Hamilton EXTEND® has been leveraged for premier clients, including Zimmer Biomet, Acacia Pharma, Caris Life Sciences, Health Care Logistics, Takeda, Baxter, and Jack Henry.

  • HUB LIVE®  is our touchless attendee engagement solution – a “mobile first” web app platform designed to facilitate engagement, scheduling, and content delivery. HUB LIVE™ puts content, engagement, scheduling, and event information into the hands of your attendees right on their own mobile devices. QR codes deployed in pre-show marketing and at the booth drive engagement and utilization of this customizable mobile-first solution for both live and remote attendees.

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