Interactive Event Ideas for Small and Large Audiences

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Interactivity is an invaluable attribute for events. Whether the experience occurs in-person, hybrid, or online, attendees expect to connect with brands dynamically and memorably. However, the format and style of interactive engagement varies widely, particularly when considering the size of an audience. If your goal is to captivate a small audience, the options may be different than when trying to attract a larger audience. Let’s look at ideas for interactive elements for small to large audiences. 


Interactive Event Ideas for a Small Audience

Small audiences allow brands to engage deeper and more intimately with event attendees. Interactive event ideas set you apart from your competition, even when integrating them into a corporate event or mobile tour.

Campfire Sessions

Campfire or breakout sessions are more private conversations led by a facilitator alongside one or more industry experts. These focused but casual conversations provide small audiences valuable face-to-face interaction with key industry stakeholders. Additionally, campfire sessions give event attendees a much-needed break from droning slideshow speeches and formal presentations. 

Eye-Catching Refreshments

Everyone loves a delicious snack and refreshing beverage. Food and drinks allow attendees to interact with each other and engage with the brand comfortably. Offering unique food and beverages like a glamorous cocktail bar, freshly-cooked donut station, or wood-fired pizza oven can wow your attendees, elongate their brand engagement time, and cultivate opportunities for lead generation. 

Personalized Swag

Event attendees are accustomed to walking away from an experience with a branded gift, but how many attendees actually keep and enjoy the swag? At events with small audiences, you can easily offer swag personalizations. Some examples include an embroidery station to customize branded tote bags or hats, a glass engraver customizing branded beer pint glasses, or a caricature artist who captures attendees’ portraits.  

Augmented and Virtual Reality 

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences intrigue and entertain any audience. By now, most people are familiar with AR and VR; however, not everyone has had a chance to experience the technologies first-hand. Plus, the novelty does not wear off even for those who regularly use VR and AR. An exciting VR or AR experience may transform your small audience into a large crowd. The technologies can facilitate rich experiences with your brand’s products or services, creating lifetime memories. 


Interactive Event Ideas for a Big Audience

When looking for interactive event ideas for big audiences, your strategies must effectively utilize relevant resources to reach a significant number of people. Whether your concerns involve time, space, or impact, the following interactive ideas will make a lasting impression on attendees. 


Scavenger hunts, caption competitions, and trivia games that focus on your brand excite event attendees and encourage a little friendly competition. Consider using a touchless attendee engagement solution like HUB LIVETM to facilitate your games. HUB LIVETM is a customizable web app platform that allows brands to facilitate engagement and content delivery. For maximum impact, integrate the contest into your event, offering desirable and memorable branded prizes to participants. 

Throwable Microphone

Presentations often become monotonous, particularly for large groups with few opportunities to interact with the speaker. Shake things up with throwable mics adding a unique element to the Q&A session. Throwable mics are available in the shape of a ball or cube, allowing attendees to pass the mic to audience members with burning questions quickly. 

Aerial Performers

If you want to attract the attention of a large audience while minimizing the footprint, consider hiring aerial performers to activate the vertical space often found in event venues. Aerial performers provide thrilling and extraordinary entertainment that will leave an impression.

Dynamic Installations 

Visual, sculptural, and architectural installations activate spaces and shape how visitors engage with your experience. For example, the kinetic lighting featured in Hamilton’s EXHIBITORLIVE 2022 exhibit danced above attendees while synthwave music reverberated through the space. The coordinated lighting and sound elevated the sensory experience creating a unique aesthetic that drew attendees into the exhibit. 


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