The Ultimate Outdoor Corporate Event Checklist

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Planning an outdoor corporate event is exciting, and it can also be challenging. While an outdoor setting offers distinct advantages and ample space for creativity, it also comes with some unique logistical challenges. A checklist of essential elements is helpful to ensure your event goes smoothly. Use this guide as a reference, and feel free to customize it to suit your brand and event. 


Your chosen location will set the tone for your event and determine many other logistic elements. For example, suppose you decide to host your event at a botanical garden or resort that provides an all-inclusive package. In that case, the venue will likely handle most logistical factors. On the other hand, if you choose a remote location with minimal resources, you will need to handle everything from the ground up. Regardless of what your site brings, you must stay on top of the details or hire someone who can. 


Consider how attendees will experience the event and move throughout the venue. Follow ADA guidelines to be certain the event is welcoming and accessible to everyone. If you are unsure of your attendees' needs, ask! When in doubt, always err on the side of inclusion.  

Transportation and Parking

Brainstorm how attendees will travel to and from the event location. Provide clear directions and arrange transportation options if needed. Ensure there is enough parking, and consider offering complimentary valet parking. 


If the location lacks sufficient restroom facilities, rent portable restrooms. Many options are available - from classic porta potties to luxury portable restroom trailers. Hire staff to keep the bathrooms clean and fully stocked during the event. 

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are always a hit at a corporate event. If your outdoor venue does not have an in-house culinary department, choose a reputable caterer experienced in outdoor events. Conduct tastings and plan a menu that suits the style of the event, setting, and dietary preferences of your attendees. Certify a variety of beverages are available and kept at the optimal temperature. Guarantee there is ample staff to serve, clean, and maintain the event. 


During the event, guests will inevitably need seating. Offer comfortable seating and tables for guests to dine and mingle. Ponder on creating multiple different seating zones for the various types of socializing. Design some areas for casual networking, some for intimate conversations, and others for eating. 


If your event is held outdoors, consider providing shade for guest comfort, such as opening up umbrellas or creating decorative canopies. Allow your guests to escape the sun while still enjoying the fresh air and ambiance. 


The experience you give will shape attendees' memories of the event and your brand. To create a comprehensive and compelling experience, align every detail with your brand's story. Enhance the ambiance with appropriate lighting, decor, and interactive activities that guide guests through the space. 


Incorporating entertainment into your event is a great way to surprise and delight attendees. Consider hiring a magician to mingle and perform tricks or an artist to quickly sketch portraits of attendees. Live performances like music, comedy, dance, or DJs can create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.


Outdoor events typically require audiovisual equipment, tents and canopies, trash receptacles, refrigeration solutions, and other types of equipment. Ensure you have the necessary equipment and understand how to operate it properly. 

Backup Equipment 

Just in case an unforeseen issue arises, have a backup plan for essential equipment. Keep a generator on hand and extra power cords and supplies if possible. Also, confirm you have a well-stocked first aid kit for minor medical emergencies. 

Inclement Weather Plan

Closely monitor the weather forecasts leading up to the event and have a solidified inclement weather plan in place. Establish a communication plan to inform attendees of any weather-related changes or delays. Have a strategy for quickly setting up tents in case it starts to rain or snow.


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