Outdoor Games + Activities for Corporate Events

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Looking to encourage networking and ensure everyone has a positive and memorable experience at your outdoor corporate event? Games and activities can drive engagement and make a lasting impression. In this guide, we share our favorite outdoor event games for corporate events. 

Business Card Bingo 

Business card bingo is an ice-breaker game that encourages attendees to meet one another. To play the game, first, invite participants to place their business cards in a jar for later use in the game. Then, distribute blank bingo cards and give everyone time to mingle, network, exchange business cards, and write fellow attendees' names in the bingo squares. You can begin the game once everyone has had time to socialize and fill out their cards. Draw business cards from the jar and call out names. Participants mark off squares on their cards as names are called. The first person to mark off an entire row, column, or diagonal line wins. Consider offering branded prizes to reward participants and extend the excitement. 

Speed Networking 

Speed networking is structured like speed dating but focuses on professional relationships. This activity allows participants to meet many other industry professionals in a fun and fast-paced manner. In speed networking, participants have limited time, perhaps two minutes, to introduce themselves, exchange business cards, and share interests and areas of expertise before rotating to the next pairing. 

Corporate Olympics

Corporate Olympics is an upbeat, lighthearted game series fostering friendly competition and team-building. Allow participants to form teams and compete in a variety of outdoor activities. Select games that cater to various skill levels and physical abilities, including relay races, obstacle courses, tug-of-war, and more. Rotate through the games and keep score throughout the event. Emphasize sportsmanship and fair play and keep the energy fun. At the end of the games, gather participants for an award ceremony and recognize all participants, regardless of the results. 

Create Your Own Tote Bag

Tote bags are an all-time favorite in the world of branded merchandise, so why not make this fan-favorite into an experience? Here at Hamilton, we did just that at EXHIBITORLIVE 2023. We allowed guests to create their tote bags using custom stamps. This experience was a hit because it gave a hands-on, tactile element to our digital-forward event experience. To make this activity your own, compile branded stamps, tote bags, and ink, and invite participants to get crafty. 

Plant a Tree

Tree planting can be a rewarding and environmentally beneficial activity. As an activity at a corporate event, tree planting can foster teamwork and bring people together for a common cause. Select a site and consult with a gardener to select trees that will thrive in that environment. Obtain the saplings and gather tools such as shovels, gloves, watering cans, and compost. Inform all participants about the activity in advance so that they wear appropriate clothing and footwear. During the event, educate participants about the trees, the proper steps to planting trees, and care for the trees. Document the activity and then reflect on and celebrate the tree-planting experience. Follow up and monitor the growth and progress of the planted trees. Not only will this event positively impact the environment and foster teamwork, but it will also contribute to a lasting legacy of corporate social responsibility. 

Paint a Mural 

Painting a mural at an outdoor corporate event can be a creative way to engage participants, contribute to the local community, and express a meaningful brand message. Consider collaborating with a local artist or arts organization to design and organize the mural painting event. Design a mural that aligns with the brand image and the event’s theme while providing opportunities for everyone to contribute regardless of skill level or confidence. Capture the painting experience and celebrate the accomplishment! 

Mixology Bar 

Hosting a class on mixology can be a fun, tasty, and engaging way to promote creativity and social interaction at an outdoor corporate event. In a mixology class, participants learn the art of crafting cocktails and bond over shared experiences. Consider hiring a local mixologist to organize and lead the experience. Design a custom cocktail, provide instructions, demonstrate techniques, let participants make their drink, and toast to the brand! See a unique example of an experience that incorporated custom cocktails here.

Fly Drones 

Flying drones is a novel experience that many have yet to enjoy. Partner with professionals and choose a safe and legal flying area. Invite attendees to help fly drones around the event to explore scenery or a particular perspective of a branded product or experience. The activity can add excitement and entertainment to an outdoor event. 

To create a memorable outdoor corporate event complete with entertaining games and activities, contact Hamilton today!