Why Work with a Trade Show Exhibit Partner

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Trade show exhibits require substantial time, resources, labor and expertise through the planning, strategy, design, building, execution, and review stages. An event’s success is based mainly on your exhibit, which has the power to attract, engage, and convert your audience. However, there is more to a great exhibit than design and execution alone. Any exceptional trade show event must be supported with robust marketing strategies and digital elements, extending the impact beyond the point-in-time experience. You are correct if this is beginning to sound like a sizeable amount of work to take on in addition to running your business. Instead of forging ahead alone, many companies succeed in working with a trade show exhibit partner with the assets, skills, and proficiency to bring even the wildest ideas to life. Read on to learn the benefits of hiring a trade show exhibit partner


Create a Sophisticated Strategy

Behind every groundbreaking exhibit is a sophisticated strategy. When working with a trade show exhibit partner like Hamilton, you will have a team of experts focused on crafting, implementing, and evaluating the strategy for your event. At Hamilton, we have a dedicated, strategic leadership team who supports our client’s event marketing efforts. Your team will work closely with you to conduct the discovery and objective development, event metric reporting, and measurement and optimization, ensuring you maximize the brand experience and future events. 


Develop Your Vision and Bring It to Life 

For some people, it can be challenging to think outside the box. For others, creativity comes easy. However, when designing a trade show exhibit, even the most creative thinkers seek additional insight to help bring a vision to life. Here at Hamilton, we use creativity as a tool to drive effectiveness. We collaborate with clients to innovate with a purpose and design experiences that foster curiosity, conversation, and brand awareness. We also have a comprehensive team ready to transform your vision into reality and effectively communicate your brand story. 


Take Advantage of the Most Innovative Marketing Solutions

A dedicated trade show exhibit partner prioritizes staying current on the latest trends, creating innovative marketing solutions that become industry trends. Partner with the best in the event marketing industry to define your status as a leader in your industry at your next trade show exhibit. 


Maximize Fabrication Quality 

Suppose you choose to execute your trade show exhibit using in-house resources and fill in the gaps with contractors. In that case, you will dedicate a lot of time coordinating work between teams and possibly sacrificing quality. When you work with a trade show exhibit partner who provides comprehensive services, you achieve high-quality fabrication results while ensuring design intent. At Hamilton, our fabrication team leaders are involved in a project's beginning stages to coordinate techniques, materials, and rentals, maximizing quality and efficiency. 


Get Access to Innovative Digital Solutions

Today, brands need digital solutions to captivate audiences, tell the brand story, and engage customers across many channels. Brands need AV solutions to execute in-booth engagements that enrich the exhibit experience. When brands partner with Hamilton, they get access to proprietary digital solutions designed to help support our clients’ event marketing program – including Hamilton EXTEND®  (our award-winning customized virtual and hybrid brand experience solution), HUB LIVE® (our touchless attendee engagement solution), and Hamilton inSIGHT®  (our lead capture solution). Brands also get access to an extensive AV rental inventory, testing, quality assurance processes, on-site technical supervision, and a deep network of AV partners in venue cities worldwide.


Evaluate and Learn from the Experience

A trade show exhibit presents many opportunities, including understanding how various engagement strategies perform with your target audience. A trade show exhibit partner can help you set objectives and metrics to measure across the exhibit program. At Hamilton, we work with brands to evaluate the benchmarks within a trade show and events program to provide insight into attendee experiences, lead data, and messaging performance. We use these insights to drive a brand’s future event success. 

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