Sponsorship Prospectus: Template, Example + How to Write

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It is common for events to need sponsors, as events can be expensive to produce and require resources beyond a brand’s budget. In addition to the financial benefits, events with sponsors can leverage cross-marketing, showcase a specific partnership, and add meaning to a brand identity by publicizing the alliance. But how do brands secure sponsors for events? The key lies in a compelling sponsorship prospectus. In this guide, we define sponsorship prospectus, explain how to write a persuasive prospectus, provide a sponsorship prospectus template, and list sponsorship prospectus examples and success stories. 

What is a sponsorship prospectus?

A sponsorship prospectus is a structured, inspiring, and persuasive document that contains everything a potential sponsor would want to know about the event. The document includes audience demographics, testimonials from past sponsors, ROI information, ticket sales, and more. 

A sponsorship prospectus aims to communicate the details of an event, the sponsorship opportunities, 

and the sponsorship benefits in a way that inspires a company to sponsor an event. It is best practice to create a master sponsorship prospectus and customize each to target specific companies. 

How to Write a Sponsorship Prospectus

There are several key points to follow when writing a sponsorship prospectus: 

  • When a company reads the sponsorship prospectus, it must guide them through a genuine brand experience that tells your brand's story, communicates your brand identity, and helps them feel excited about being a sponsor. 
  • Leverage graphic design to communicate your message in color, style, and tone. 
  • Be concise and focus on the important details when seeking sponsorship. Avoid overwhelming the potential sponsor with too much information.
  • Share data points and statistics to persuade readers with facts. 
  • Personalize each prospectus to suit the interests and priorities of each prospective sponsor. This attention to detail and personalization will help companies feel understood and valued, increasing the likelihood of a productive partnership. 

Sponsor Prospectus Template

Here are the core components of a sponsorship prospectus: 

  1. Opening Statement

On the first page, provide a brief overview and introduction to your brand and event. List contact information and social media handles. 

  1. Table of Contents 

On the next page, list the table of contents to show the reader what to expect from the rest of the document. The table of contents also helps the reader quickly locate specific sections. 

  1. Data 

Next, showcase the complex numbers, statistics, and data that proactively answer the question, "Why should a company care?" Use data on ROI, previous event attendance, existing registrants, and more to highlight your legitimacy and captivate the company's interest.    

  1. Event Information 

This section provides a detailed event description with associated costs. It is imperative to think strategically about the information shared. Different sponsors prefer comprehensive breakdowns, while others prefer overviews or specific details.

  1. Sponsor Benefits

It is time to showcase the benefits a sponsor can expect from the partnership. The benefits can include various marketing and promotional opportunities and information about anticipated audience scope and market reach. 

  1. Request for Funding 

This section provides a detailed description of the vision or options for promotions. Some brands prefer to offer predetermined sponsorship tiers, and others prefer to pitch a more collaborative offer. 

  1. Final Pitch and Call-to-Action 

In the final section, summarize your offering with a closing pitch and call to action. Provide relevant contact information and deadlines. 

Sponsorship Prospectus Example

Finding helpful examples of sponsorship prospectuses can be challenging since many brands consider them confidential. The competition for sponsors is intense, making it even more difficult to secure them. However, there is an available open-source document that can be used as a practical reference. 

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development published a sponsorship prospectus for Karratha, Australia. The front page showcases a photograph depicting an area relevant to the event. The colors, fonts, and layout communicate the tone and style of the event. The introduction page contains key information, and the following pages outline relevant details. The document concludes with a booking form so interested parties can immediately apply to sponsor the event. 

There are many elements to consider and skillfully execute in a sponsorship prospectus. Many brands benefit from partnering with an expert; we are here to help. 

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