Take Attendee Experience to the Next Level with a Personalized Web App Experience

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The number of mobile users worldwide is expected to reach 7.26 billion by 2022 — that’s nearly the entire human population. 

With that many people carrying around a mobile device, it’s time for trade show experiences to rise to the level of connectivity their attendees expect.

Attendees are increasingly expecting new ways to engage with organizers, brands, speakers, and one another at every step of their event journey. Brands can tap into this potential by implementing mobile-first solutions like a web-based app for their event experiences.

HUB LIVE™ makes it easier to facilitate engagement and content delivery whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid — with nothing to download. QR codes give users quick access to branded content minus the hassle of downloading and navigating a traditional mobile app. HUB-LIVE-Twitter

Let’s take a look at how your brand can use web-based apps to encourage attendees to engage and become customers.

1. Showcase brand activations and information

When attendees have a question or want to learn more about a brand, they typically turn to their mobile devices first to find an answer. This means people are much more likely to use a web-based app rather than a paper program to get important event and exhibitor information.

HUB LIVE’s QR code integration allows you to make brand information easily available so attendees have access to up-to-date schedules, booth hours, product offerings, and more by simply opening the camera app on their phones. Thanks to the touchless technology, you can disseminate branded content and information safely without attendees or employees ever having to come in contact with surfaces or one another. 

2. Deliver relevant content

Before, during, and after the event, you can use a web-based app to share knowledge and additional content about your brand. Attendees can get easy access to relevant content like current brand campaigns, marketing collateral, new products or promotions, and more via links and QR codes. Even better, they can email content like product PDFs to themselves directly from the app without needing to download anything to their device.

Having access to relevant, timely information in a mobile-friendly format can help drive engagement and build stronger connections for future conferences and events. Attendees receive a lot of information during an event. Providing content long after it is over can hold their attention, keep the conversation going, and make your brand memorable. 

3. Enhance the experience

Whether your audience is in-person or tuning in from home, a memorable experience is key to having them engage with your brand. Web-based apps offer a unique opportunity to entertain and educate — think scavenger hunts or quizzes — with easy-to-use QR codes and customizable landing pages. 

hub-pre-show-regWeb-based apps let you create touchpoints that build on the engagement momentum of events and annual conferences. Enhance your experience beyond one-sheeters and presentation decks to facilitate meaningful interactions that turn into valuable customer relationships.

4. Schedule meetings

Event marketing is all about interactions between attendees and your brand. For most brands, the end goal is for attendees to schedule a meeting with a representative who can dive into more detail and close a deal. A web app makes it simple for attendees to schedule those meetings before, during, and after the event, increasing the chances they do so.

5. Capture more leads

Most events see a large number of attendees coming through the doors or logging on virtually, meaning lots of opportunities to attract new customers. But without an easy way to capture their information, your brand will miss valuable opportunities.

A web app streamlines the lead capture process with a secure sign-on process that aligns with regulatory requirements without requiring them to download anything to their phone. When attendees register or create a profile, you can collect contact information, role, interests, and more — all of which enables you to deliver a personalized experience that turns prospects into loyal customers.

6. Provide hybrid audience support

Many events have transitioned to offering a hybrid model, with some attendees participating in person while others tune in virtually from multiple locations. An app can provide needed support to these hybrid audiences so every attendee feels like they are a part of the experience. Video streaming, webinars, integrated messaging, and live chat are all features that brands can use to engage attendees no matter where they are.

Finding the right mobile-first solution

The first step to mobile engagement is finding the right platform that supports your brand’s objectives while also offering a user-friendly experience to attendees. Hamilton’s HUB LIVE offers a mobile-first web app platform to facilitate engagement and content delivery whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

Tailor the application by customizing design to reflect your brand and align with your event marketing goals. And our touchless, QR-code activated solution means attendees can easily and safely interact with your brand directly from their mobile device — no downloads required.

Start seeing more engagement during your experiences today by scheduling a HUB LIVE demo with one of our team members.