Technology Trends in Event Management for 2021

Hamilton Hamilton

In 2021, technology trends in event management exemplified a full range of innovative strategies to engage and excite attendees.  

Augmented and Virtual Reality

In 2021, AR and VR were distinguished as excellent tools to spark captivating, informative, and exciting event experiences. Through AR and VR programming, event attendees can navigate to a booth in a novel way, explore worlds in which brands and products provide transformative solutions, attend product demonstrations, and more. The “wow factor” of VR and AR can drive traffic, and the capabilities of these technologies can activate engagement on applications and other brand channels. 

Hybrid Events

In light of technological advancements and social changes, hybrid events rose in popularity in 2021. Hybrid events are possible through innovations in connectivity and the recent increase in multi-channel operations. A hybrid event is a trade show, function, or conference that combines in-person activities with online components. The event takes place in both physical and virtual environments, and the virtual events complement and extend the in-person activities. Hybrid events extend the opportunities for engagement beyond the location and time frame of the face-to-face event. Online, complementary programming can occur before, during, and after the event. Hybrid events allow visitors from all over the world to connect with one another and with the brand. The flexible attendance facilitated through hybrid events attracts more attendees and reaches a wider audience. Furthermore, hybrid events enable event managers to collect information about their potential and existing customers. 

Comprehensive Live Streaming Solutions

In 2021, event managers harnessed the compelling power of comprehensive live streaming solutions to enhance the array of in-person, hybrid, and online event components. Recent technological advancements have generated centralized platforms that can connect people, devices, and systems. The all-in-one solutions simplified the multiple layers of engagement and saved event managers time. Teams could rely upon a singular platform for every tool needed to create events, engage audiences, align branding, and increase revenue.

High Production Value

2021 ushered in an impressive era of high production value standards for event management. The increasing array of technical components is paired with the expectation for an impressive, seamless experience. When events have virtual aspects, the online components need to match (or exceed!) the standards of the in-person experience. Events with digital components must have high quality audio, visual, and text components. Broadcast quality production standards are mandatory, and thankfully, plenty of tools exist to create the best possible experience. 

Gamification and Interactive Experiences

Gamification and innovative interactive experiences were popular technology trends in event management in 2021. There are many different types of games, but they all have the potential to encourage exploration and discovery, educate visitors, increase participation, cultivate a sense of community, facilitate problem solving with your product as the solution, and provide opportunities for brands to learn about their audience. Event attendees crave immersive experiences, and in 2021, events included many technological innovations that set the state for new, dynamic interactions. 

Experimentation and Innovation

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions. Experimentation and innovation were leading technology trends in event management for 2021. Events took on new and exciting formats as professionals drew upon their creative skills to find new ways to engage audiences. 

The award-winning, full-service event marketing agency, Hamilton, drew upon their 75-year legacy to create immersive brand experiences fit for the times. Following the motto, “whatever it takes,” Hamilton designs, produces, and executes integrated experiences that drive meaningful connections between brands and audiences. In 2021, Hamilton created several award-winning interactive engagement solutions.

For Zimmer Biomet, a leading medical device company, Hamilton created a digital environment that supported their in-person events and provided a source for surgeons to register for Medical Education events. The digital experience was deployed before the in-person show, and it is still available today. The virtual experience consisted of a fully immersive, 360 degree panoramic environment that inserted the participants into the space. Visitors can embark upon self-guided tours, explore distinctly-themed areas of interest, view embedded videos, study 3D product images, review marketing collateral, register for Medical Education sessions and more. 

For Titan Aviation Fuels, a prominent distributor of aviation fuel products, Hamilton designed a booth with 13 multi-functional, double-sided demonstration pods, a compelling video gallery wall, and private discussion areas. The exhibition space boldly reintroduced the brand under its new name and expanded their global presence in the aviation field.  

For Broan-NuTone, the global leader in residential indoor air quality, Hamilton created a digital experience to feature and promote new products. The web-based experience was created for the 2021 IBSx Virtual Experience and is accessible today with updated product lines. The digital event included live chat, customizable content, and real-world product application vignettes. 

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