Everything You Need to Know About Proprietary Events

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There are many instances in which events will have sponsors, exhibitors, partners, or other brand managers. Collaboration and cross-marketing can be incredibly beneficial in many cases, but working with others is only one of the paths and certainly not always the best route to accomplishing your objectives. Some objectives must focus entirely on the brand, without stakeholders or partners sharing the spotlight. These types of events are called proprietary events. In this guide, we answer the question “What are proprietary events?”, provide examples, discuss the benefits, and explain how to host a proprietary event. 

What are proprietary events?

During a proprietary event, a single brand takes center stage, and its message is the main focus. A proprietary event aims to raise brand awareness, create an engaging and memorable experience for the target audience, generate leads, and drive sales. There is no limitation to the scope or format of a proprietary event. Proprietary events can be any shape or size. They can be in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Ultimately, a proprietary event is any event for a brand that is exclusively devoted to the brand and designed to entice, engage, and convert the target audience into loyal customers. In essence, a proprietary event refers to an event that is solely dedicated to promoting a brand and aimed at captivating, engaging, and converting the intended audience into loyal customers. 

Benefits of Proprietary Events

Proprietary events offer numerous benefits, which explains their widespread popularity. Here are the advantages companies can expect from hosting a proprietary event.  

Maintain Full Control

When it comes to events that involve sponsors, co-producers, or collaborators, it is important to acknowledge their involvement in the planning and execution of the event. While it can be beneficial to have input from others, it can be desirable to maintain complete control over an event. Brands can determine every aspect of the event without compromising with other parties involved. 

Reduce the Competition 

When other parties are involved in the event, it’s understandable for them to receive some attention. While cross-marketing opportunities can be alluring, reducing outside distractions can best capture your audience’s attention. Sharing space or attention with sponsors or stakeholders is unnecessary in a proprietary event. Customers have more opportunities to focus exclusively on your brand.  

Boost Awareness  

Like any well-executed event, proprietary events give brands an excellent opportunity to boost brand awareness. Proprietary events are unique because they allow brands to be prominently featured in the audience’s mind.

Drive Messaging 

A proprietary event is an excellent platform for a brand to drive messaging. Companies can tell their brand story, guide visitors through a dynamic experience, and create an authentic voice and brand identity. 

Cultivate Leads 

Proprietary events are valuable opportunities to enhance the customer journey, make connections, build relationships, and capture leads. 

How to Host a Proprietary Event

Hosting a proprietary event is a grand endeavor. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your next event: 

  1. Create an Immersive Experience – Design and build striking architectural elements, install inspiring lighting, and integrate projection mapping and other dynamic features. 
  2. Provide Opportunities for Interaction – Create opportunities for visitors to engage their senses and get a hands-on experience with your brand. Consider offering experiential components, interactive demos, and games. 
  3. Leverage Technology – Digital solutions can help brands captivate their audience, tell the brand story, and bring the event to life. We offer multiple proprietary digital solutions designed to help support our clients’ proprietary events – including Hamilton EXTEND®  (our award-winning digital facility tours) and Hamilton inSIGHT®  (our lead capture solution).

Proprietary Events with Hamilton

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To see our proprietary events and event marketing services in action, check out our video Hamilton Meetings & Events

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