Essential AV Equipment for Your Outdoor Corporate Event

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Outdoor events are excellent opportunities to enjoy nature and create memorable brand experiences. A few aspects set outdoor corporate events apart from indoor events – one being how audio-visual (AV) equipment is handled. In this guide, we discuss essential AV equipment and share tips for setting up AV equipment for an outdoor corporate event.  

What AV equipment is needed for an outdoor corporate event?

Outdoor corporate events require many of the same types of AV equipment as indoor events, but there are some additional considerations. 


Most corporate events involve some attention to the lighting design, but when dealing with outdoor events, there are more particular factors to address. Evaluate the duration of the event, the lighting options available, and the time expected for setup and breakdown. Check out the venue's lighting situation and asses if lighting supplements are necessary. Coordinate the design and installation of lighting to illuminate walkways, seating areas, bathrooms, dance floors, and other vital spaces. Lighting should fulfill requirements for visual, safety, and ambiance. 

Power Distribution and Backup

Outdoor venues often need more convenient power sources. Visit the site to understand the power available and consider the event’s AV installation to determine the required circuits and plan accordingly. Bring a backup generator to guarantee everything stays online if the power demands are high. 


The sound equipment necessary for an outdoor event depends upon the type of event, budget, location, and size. Outdoor spaces often call for more sound output than indoor spaces. Contemplate factors such as dispersion and coverage to avoid audio dead zones. The equipment needed is likely the same as for indoor events, including speakers, amplifiers, a mixer, microphones, and cables.

Computers and Media Players

Outdoor events depend on computers and media players to power sound systems, media content, and digital signage, display presentations and visuals, facilitate interactive activities, manage event registration, collect critical event data, and more. Ensure your equipment is weatherproof for maximum flexibility.

Projectors and Displays

Projectors and displays can bring your dynamic content to life, and many options available on the market are suitable for outdoor use. 

Tips for Setting Up AV Equipment for Outdoor Corporate Events

Here are our top 7 tips for setting up AV equipment for outdoor corporate events: 

  1. Inspect the site and layout in advance. Understand the design, potential obstructions, ambient noise levels, and other relevant factors to determine the venue demands and your equipment placement.
  2. Consider the environmental elements that may impact your event. Prepare for rain, wind, sun, and extreme temperatures. Weatherproof equipment or choose equipment that is outdoor-rated. 
  3. Allocate time and equipment for setup and breakdown. It is standard to need more time to set up and break down AV equipment outside. Assembling complex audio equipment in the dark would be incredibly challenging. 
  4. AV equipment comes with lots of wires and cables that can pose a tripping hazard if not appropriately managed. Plan ahead to confirm that your team has the necessary tools and equipment to secure the cords, both for the safety of people and the equipment. 
  5. Verify the compatibility of all AV equipment to ensure everything works together smoothly—test equipment in advance. Take note of any issues and resolve them prior to the event. 
  6. Create a contingency plan to manage any unexpected factors that may arise. Collaborate with the venue and vendors to coordinate efforts and create backup plans for extreme weather, poor air quality, or other issues that may require significant changes.  
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