3 Creative Experiential Marketing Examples to Transform Your Next Event

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Experiential marketing is a dynamic strategy for engaging customers with brands and products. It can be challenging to develop the right idea and execute it successfully, as there are many factors to consider throughout the process. 

Here at Hamilton, we leverage experiential marketing to amplify and celebrate the feelings consumers experience when using your brand’s products or services. We build upon the foundation of exhibit design to develop an immersive experience that facilitates meaningful consumer interactions and lasting emotional connections. We position your brand as the creator of positive experiences and promote incorporating the media when spreading event awareness and gaining brand recognition. Your brand’s experiential marketing approach should include multiple touchpoints generating strong, positive emotional responses leading to new business and solidifying brand loyalty. 

We created this list of 3 experiential marketing examples to share a few of our favorite projects and inspire ideas to transform your next event. 

Mailchimp Collision Conference

When Mailchimp needed to share their all-in-one marketing platform with small business owners through an innovative and intuitive solution, the brand reached out to Hamilton. The challenge was to develop a solution that was true to Mailchimp’s offbeat brand identity and communicate the story through an expressive experience. Mailchimp partnered with Hamilton to create an interactive experience that encouraged attendees to connect with the brand hands-on. Attendees explored the structure that featured a mixture of stationery and projection-mapped content, touching the interactive areas that danced across the printed graphic wall. The pressure would trigger illuminated illustrations to wake up from their resting state and animate in a unique way that both surprised and delighted attendees while educating them on Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform. The opposite side of the wall housed four demo stations encouraging visitors to experience Mailchimp’s platform for themselves. This whimsical “wonder wall” experience, combined with simple, clear messages, captivated attendees and captured Mailchimp’s wildly expressive brand.

For our work with Mailchimp, Hamilton won EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Gold Exhibit Design Award for Best Use of Storytelling, and judges touted the project as a “tightly focused stand that hit the client’s directive dead on.” EXHIBITOR magazine featured the project as a two-page spread in the May 2020 issue – read the article.

Visit the Mailchimp page to learn more about this creative experiential marketing success story. 

Corteva Agriscience Farm Progress Show 

After the Dow Dupont merger, the newly formed agricultural company Corteva Agriscience needed to make a powerful impression at the Farm Progress Show. Corteva Agriscience partnered with Hamilton to design and produce an immersive attendee environment that brought their brand message to life while providing education and entertainment. 

Hamilton worked closely with Corteva to create an experience consistent with and supportive of their new brand. We designed and built a front facade that drew the audience in and created engagement experiences inside the exhibit generating high interest. At Hamilton, we use creativity to drive effectiveness and innovate with a purpose. The results were substantial - throughout the show, Corteva captured nearly 50% share of voice on social media and over 90K organic impressions on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit the Corteva Agriscience page to learn more about this creative experiential marketing success story. 


Cummins Redefining Mobile Tour 

Mobile tours have been around for decades, being one of the original forms of marketing, and remain a key component of marketing plans today. Cummins partnered with Hamilton to design and produce a mobile exhibit that promoted engines, related products, and the Cummins brand for an eight-month tour across North America. Cummins Redefining Efficiency Tour consisted of a 53' show trailer, four OEM trucks and trailers, and a supply trailer. The mobile marketing tour was cost-effective and successful at promoting the Cummins brand and products to partners and end users. Cummins mobile tour increased public exposure and customer engagement for future event and trade show visits. 

Visit the Cummins page to learn more about this creative experiential marketing success story. 

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