Innovative Corporate Environment Themes for 2023

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Corporate environments vary widely in scale, style, context, and objective but must exemplify your brand’s message and align with corporate culture. From in-house, customer-facing, and industry-exclusive, an effective corporate environment can launch a new product or service, communicate a new company strategy, or excite customers about the brand. Often, corporate events bring team members together, entertain leaders and stakeholders, educate clients and partners, and drive sales initiatives. If you are looking for inspiration for your future corporate environment, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we share our favorite corporate environment themes for 2023, along with the tools, solutions, and services needed to bring your visions to life. 

Time Travel

Consider traveling to the past for your next corporate environment. Everyone loves a fun, retro-themed party, but make a significant impact by choosing a decade most relevant to your brand. Did your company make a big splash in the 1980s or debut a groundbreaking product in the 1920s? Take inspiration from exciting moments in your brand’s history to create a fun and memorable brand experience. Highlight a period to demonstrate your longevity and solidify your brand’s reputation as an industry leader. As a side note, the past is not the only direction for time traveling. You can also look towards the future. If you want to highlight a future-oriented product or solution, consider creating a corporate environment that reveals a brighter future with your brand as the hero. 

Take the Show on the Road 

One of the most memorable marketing endeavors was the Oscar Mayer “Weinermobile” that hit the road in 1936. For your upcoming corporate environment, consider putting a spin on this classic strategy with a mobile marketing tour for the 21st century. With a branded vehicle, you can travel to clients, corporate stakeholders, and industry experts, all while boosting public exposure. Recently, the Cummins brand took the show on the road by launching the Redefining Efficiency Tour. In partnership with Hamilton, Cummins designed, built, and executed a mobile tour that promoted the Cummins brand and products to partners and end users. 

Celebrate the Season

Every season offers unique opportunities to engage the senses, connect, and reflect upon the year. For example, spring can be a time of hope and rebirth with desirable temperatures, blooming flowers, and lush foliage. Summer is seen as a time for fun, relaxation, adventure, and sunshine. Consider taking inspiration from a season to showcase your product or service for your corporate environment. Build the color palette, engagement elements, and activities based on how your brand aligns with the season. 

Build an Arcade

Arcade games create a rush of excitement, and the feeling of victory can be addictive. Arcades, playing games, and video gaming are excellent opportunities to socialize. In a corporate environment, gamification allows people to connect, engage in some friendly competition, and feel energized by your brand experience. That’s why we created a digital arcade joystick game to level up the visitor experience at EXHIBTORLIVE 2022. Attendees could play and compete to advance in the game, hoping to make the leaderboard. The top ten attendees on the leaderboard each day received a Hamilton Yeti. To learn more about our success integrating an arcade theme into our EXHIBTORLIVE 2022 experience, read the case study

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Corporate environments can come alive in various locations and do not always have to be inside. To enjoy the fresh air and take advantage of a specific location, create your corporate environment outdoors. Depending on the options available to you and relevant to your brand, consider staging your corporate environment on an urban rooftop with a spectacular city view, in a beautiful garden, or on an expansive lawn. Even consider pairing outdoor engagements with indoor programming, as Jack Henry did for the capstone Jack Henry Connect. Expanding your corporate environment outdoors can allow guests to interact in several ways and extend attendees’ engagement with your brand. 

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