How to Promote Your Mobile Marketing Tour

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If you want to market your brand in an exciting, surprising, clever, and classic way, consider a mobile marketing tour. In a mobile marketing tour, brands take their messaging on the road to interact directly with audiences across a large geographic area. A mobile marketing tour is an excellent way to cultivate engagement with target markets, show off brand personality, and provide customers with memorable and unique experiences. Pulling off an event the scale of a tour takes a great deal of preparation. Marketing for mobile tours is more involved than marketing for a single location, single point-in-time event. If you arrive at this guide, you are likely wondering how to promote a mobile marketing tour, and Hamilton is here to help. We compiled a list of mobile tour marketing ideas to help you get the show on the road. 

Create a Buzz Before, During, and After Your Tour

An essential piece of mobile marketing tour promotion is the timeline of messaging and activities. The promotion must start well before the event, but only some know that marketing continues after the show hits the road. Plan promotional activities to begin before the tour, span the duration, and sustain the buzz afterward. 

Share the Hype on Social Media

The promotional strategy for your mobile marketing tour must include a comprehensive and dynamic social media strategy that spans across platforms. Before your tour, showcase teasers and sneak peeks to generate excitement and curiosity in your audience. If your tour includes special guests, consider inviting them to take fans behind the scenes. Consider offering special perks like VIP access or special deals on event tickets along the tour to followers. During the event, make it a priority to create “Instagrammable” moments and promote a clever hashtag. Encourage participants to share their experiences and tag the tour in their posts. Consider organizing fun contests and giving away prizes for those who post content with the hashtag. Use the tour as an opportunity to generate content for your brand so you can leverage the content after the tour to keep the conversation going. 

Create an Exciting Email Campaign

Email marketing is an integral part of any promotion strategy, and it continues to be a popular strategy for brand communications across generations. In a survey conducted in 2022, 79% of responding millennials reported that they liked being contacted by brands through email. And we know from experience that email marketing is particularly effective for reaching audience members in the baby boomer generation. To optimize the success of your email marketing campaign, personalize the content, keep the content clear and concise, and lead with a catchy subject line. 

Choose Prominent Locations

Location, location, location! A significant part of marketing for a mobile marketing tour happens on the go, and this is the one time not to take the road less traveled. Travel (safely!) on popular routes and choose prominent locations for your stops. Targeted stops may be suitable due to the foot traffic in the area, the meaning it holds for your brand, and the way in which it facilitates an interactive experience - and ideally, all three! 

Form Special Partnerships and Involve the Community 

Industry influencers, special guests, company partners, and brand ambassadors are all amazing assets in your mobile marketing tour promotional process. Invite inspirational people in your brand’s network to participate in the tour and share their excitement for the experience with those in the community through social media, radio stations, news channels, company newsletters, and more! Be sure to invite the press to events along the tour, and consider providing private access before the events are open to the public. 

Leverage Engagement Tools

To take the promotional experience to the next level, consider using an engagement tool that facilitates content delivery and connection. At Hamilton, we created HUB LIVE specifically for this purpose. HUB LIVE is a “mobile-first,” touchless attendee engagement solution that facilitates engagement and content delivery, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid. The key features include interactive lead capture, event information, content library, meeting scheduler, experience enhancement opportunities, hybrid audience support, and CRM platform and Google Analytics integration. As an easy-to-use mobile web app, HUB LIVE can be a part of your pre-tour programming to create excitement and help attendees prepare for the tour stops. During the tour, HUB LIVE can help attendees interact with your brand and simplify the process of generating leads for your brand representatives. 

Hamilton Builds and Promotes Incredible Brand Experiences

Remember those dynamic promotional techniques explicitly designed for the time before, during, and after your tour will attract more attendees and create more excitement for your brand. At Hamilton, we can help you build and promote your brand on a mobile marketing tour. To take your brand on the road, contact us today.