A Guide to Planning and Hosting Outdoor Corporate Events in 2022

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Corporate events are important tools for celebrating employees, showing appreciation to clients, and bringing people together. Investing in the company culture is beneficial for team building, recharging employees, boosting morale, recognizing success, validating the value of partners, and courting clients. 

In 2022, planning and hosting corporate events comes with a unique set of challenges and considerations, especially in light of the changing COVID regulations. Even though we do not entirely know what 2022 will bring our way, there are plenty of options for exciting company events that entertain employees and clients. 

Popular Outdoor Corporate Event Ideas

As weather is a major factor for any outdoor event, ideas for corporate outdoor events are best organized by season.

In the spring, a company 5K, golf outing, or company picnics are an excellent way to boost energy and team spirit. If your area has a botanic garden, a soirée or banquet can bring people together in a beautiful setting. For a family friendly event, a picnic in the park or drive-in movie are great options.

In the summertime, outdoor yoga sessions, beach days, barbecues, boat cruises, and baseball games are all fun event ideas. If the option is available in your area, a berry picking adventure can be a unique and tasty activity for your employees or clients. 

In the fall, a pumpkin patch outing, apple orchard trip, leaf peeping tour, or cider mill event can be great ways to enjoy the unique seasonal offerings. Halloween parties and football tailgates are also fun. 

In the winter, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding are all possibilities for special outdoor events. Bonfire celebrations and Christmas light tours can also be a fun way to bring people together outside. 

In any season, an outdoor event can operate in tandem with a mobile tour. Mobile tours are creative and innovative ways to boost brand engagement. Learn more by reading this case study about the successful Cummins mobile tour. 

Planning a Corporate Outdoor Event

  • Create the Guest List

The first step is to determine who is invited to the outdoor corporate event. Creating the guest list is an important task to accomplish before moving on to any of the other considerations. Is this occasion for clients, employees, or both? Are family members invited? Will this be a kid or pet-friendly event? 

  • Write a Budget

After you figure out the number of guests and who will be invited, it is important to create a budget. The budget needs to consider expenses such as venue rental, permit application, food and beverages, staff, transportation, equipment rental, entertainment, and gifts. 

  • Choose a Venue

The next, and perhaps most exciting step, is to choose a venue to host your outdoor corporate event. Outdoor venue options include municipal parks, golf courses, skating rinks, ski resorts, outdoor restaurants, botanical gardens, orchards, wineries, ranches, and more. When choosing a venue, it is critical to review the site rules and acquire any necessary permits. 

  • Plan the Menu

Every event needs tasty food and refreshing beverages. If you choose a venue that includes food, your menu preparations will likely be guided by the venue. They may need you to choose a prix fixe menu or make other types of selections. If your venue does not include food, options include hiring a caterer, arranging delivery, food trucks have become a very popular option that should be considered as well.

  • Market the Event

Create and deploy a marketing campaign to support your outdoor corporate event. A successful marketing campaign will drive excitement and involve creative ways to encourage attendance. Event marketing can include customized invitations, a social media campaign, a press release, targeted emails, and more. To learn more about event marketing strategies, check out this blog

  • Acquire the Equipment, Supplies, and Entertainment

Outdoor events need equipment such as tables and chairs, a tent or canopy, tableware, entertainment, technology, and more. If your venue provides all of the necessary equipment, you may only need to bring along your company's branded merch to give away. No party is complete without customized gifts!

  • Plan the Schedule for the Day

It is important that everything runs smoothly. Create a schedule that details the set up and break down process, clearly states the individuals who are responsible, and accounts for contingencies. 

What to Do After Your Outdoor Corporate Event

The excitement does not have to end when everyone leaves the event venue. With a virtual and hybrid approach, you can extend your brand reach and engagement strategies beyond the physical space. Hamilton EXTEND is an award-winning virtual and hybrid event solution that helps companies create dynamic experiences with lasting impact for clients and employees before, during, and after physical events. 

Get Expert Help for Your Next Outdoor Company Event

Planning and hosting an outdoor corporate event takes a lot of time and effort. If you are looking for a partner who understands all of the elements and logistics that are involved look no further than  Hamilton. Hamilton is a full-service event marketing agency with a 75-year legacy creating immersive brand experiences for companies throughout North America and around the world. We design, produce, and execute integrated experiences like proprietary events and conferences and outdoor events that drive meaningful connections between your brand and your audience. To get expert help for your next outdoor company event, contact us today!