What are Immersive Experiences? Examples, Benefits, and Process

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When brands want to draw large audiences, make lasting impressions, and generate leads, they do not give rote presentations. Instead, they create immersive experiences. In this guide, we answer the question “What are immersive experiences?” by defining, sharing examples, discussing the benefits, and providing tips to master the process. 

What are immersive experiences?

Immersive experiences capture our attention, activate multiple levels of engagement, and resonate with us personally and emotionally. These events often create multi-sensory, participatory experiences that metaphorically transport viewers to another dimension and leave lasting memories. Immersive experiences can be in-person, virtual, or hybrid. 

Examples of Immersive Experiences

To expand on the definition, let’s explore three successful examples. 

Zimmer Biomet

For the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting (AAOS) 2023, Zimmer Biomet partnered with Hamilton to create a space that transported attendees to an operating room of the future. The design showcased the Zimmer Biomet brand by taking their logo, messaging, and signature blue palette to the next level. In an open floor plan, visitors encountered cutting-edge technology, dynamic signage and LED walls, and hands-on demonstrations in their all-glass operating room. The result was a captivating brand experience that generated awareness and boosted brand preference among the target audience. 

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls, a world leader in smart buildings, partnered with Hamilton to create an immersive experience highlighting their industry leadership, brand stewardship, and smart, sustainable solutions. The goal was to maximize brand impact with a smaller booth footprint and minimized product. The design included a hi-res LED screen backdrop with digital motion content and centralized casual seating for conversations and engagement. Attendees were invited to interact with the brand through live and virtual keynote broadcasts, a mobile event app, and digital kiosks. For Johnson Controls, the immersive experience led to positive press support, substantial conversations, and a consistently bustling exhibit space.


The American supplier of materials handling systems, software, and services company, Dematic, partnered with Hamiton to transform the physical experience of touring technology centers in person into an immersive digital experience. Dematic “virtualized” two of its larger physical tech centers using product videos, content videos, and panoramic 360° photos to create an interactive online experience. The technology platform stitched together the 360° panoramas, allowing tour guides to walk customers through the impressive spaces virtually as if they were in person. During the tour, the group stops to see and hear details about Dematic’s technology solutions. Tour guides can meet remotely with prospective customers worldwide, in their local language, and bring them into the virtual tech centers for a customized, personalized look at the most relevant solutions. 

This immersive experience won a Gold Stevie® Award in the American Business Awards® in the Web Achievement: Manufacturing Industry category, a Platinum Hermes Creative Award in the Strategic Marketing Campaigns: Interactive Brand Experience category, and a Bronze Event Marketer Experience Design & Technology Award for Best Use of Pandemic-era Event Technology. 

Benefits of Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences are the most sought-after experiences. Here’s why: 

Level up the Visitor Experience

Events that consist of monotonous presentations and endless sales pitches bore attendees. Simply presenting the information to attendees does not cut it. The audience needs to experience the value proposition deeply. To improve the visitor experience, brands must facilitate interaction, engage the senses, spark curiosity, and inspire action. 

Increase Lead Generation 

Immersive experiences facilitate endless positive touch points and excellent opportunities for generating leads. When paired with an effective lead capture solution like Hamilton inSIGHT®, brands can optimize the lead generation capabilities of any immersive experience. Hamilton inSIGHT® is a proprietary lead capture solution designed to capture qualifying information from every visitor regardless of where they are engaged in the experience.

Boost Conversion Rates

Glassy-eyed guests are unlikely to convert into customers. When consumers experience the value of a brand firsthand, they are more likely to pursue and close sales. Combine positive memories with stellar lead generation technology, and brands have a successful sales funnel. 

How to Build an Immersive Experience

Here are our top five tips for building successful immersive brand experiences: 

  1. Think Big: All brands must create memorable experiences to shake things up. To attract audiences, spark conversations, and generate leads, make bold changes to a more traditional or predictable experience. 
  2. Activate All Five Senses: A core principle of an immersive experience is that it engages all of the senses. Carefully consider how the experience feels, smells, sounds, looks, and tastes. 
  3. Personalize the Experience: Brands must work hard to be a part of each customer’s story. To resonate with each unique customer, connect at a personal level. 
  4. Turn Passive Viewers into Active Participants: An audience becomes bored by reading, watching, or listening to brand information. When brands invite audience members to participate, consumers take on an active role, follow curiosities, discover information, and gain meaningful experiences. 
  5. Partner with an Expert: Hamilton is an event marketing agency with a 75-year legacy in creating immersive brand experiences for companies throughout North America and around the world. We design, produce, and execute integrated experiences – events, environments, exhibits, and digital solutions – that drive meaningful connections between your brand and your audience. To craft an immersive brand experience with Hamilton, contact us today!