8 Tips for a National Mobile Marketing Tour

Hamilton Hamilton

A national mobile marketing tour is an exciting and entertaining way to connect with audiences in-person across the country and boost business. Mobile marketing tours are significant multi-part endeavors requiring careful planning, promotion, and management. In this guide, we detail eight tips for a successful mobile marketing tour. 


1. Set Clear Objectives and Goals

A nationwide mobile marketing tour could go in many directions. Defining the direction is crucial, but we're not referring to geographical location. We are referencing S.M.A.R.T. goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely. Explicitly defined goals chart a clear path so everyone is on the same page and priorities are understood. A clear direction, in the form of S.M.A.R.T. objectives and goals, builds a strong foundation for all future decisions and evaluations.  


2. Create and Stick to a Budget

Another essential foundation for a nationwide mobile marketing tour is the budget. A budget must include the tour's duration and distance, vehicle, operations and logistics, staffing, entertainment, experiential elements, and more. Keep the budget up to date and make adjustments as needed. 


3. Know Your Target Audience

To reach, engage, and excite your audience, you must understand their wants and needs. Create detailed brand personas that map demographic information, preferences, behaviors, desires, and needs. Shape the elements of your mobile marketing tour to cater to the brand personas you envision.


4. Smooth the Logistics

Of course, everyone wants smooth logistics. However, reducing potential issues and overcoming unexpected challenges takes a lot of work. To work towards smoother logistics, carefully plan the route, cover locations with high potential for brand enthusiasm, and make a contingency plan. 


5. Offer Incentives and Giveaways

The most successful mobile tours activate existing customers and dramatically extend your audience. Brands can gain more loyal fans by surprising and delighting people they encounter on their tour journey. Captivate interested passers-by with incentives and giveaways. Make the brand experience attractive with games, prizes, merch, and exclusive offers to jumpstart meaningful relationships. 


6. Collaborate with Local Partners

Brands on nationwide mobile marketing tours benefit significantly from local partnerships at stops along the tour to build community, extend market reach, bolster credibility, and even lower costs. Local partners can be other businesses, community organizations, celebrities, influencers, industry leaders, or other vital stakeholders excited to help the brand engage with local audiences.


7. Capture Leads 

Mobile marketing tours are prime opportunities to generate leads. All brands need is a tool to transform interested and energized visitors into valuable leads. We created Hamilton inSIGHT® for this purpose. Hamilton inSIGHT is our proprietary lead capture solution designed to capture qualifying information from every visitor on your own device, regardless of where they are engaged in the tour. It includes the same badge scanning and survey qualifiers as show-provided lead retrieval, plus key differentiators such as compatibility across all mobile devices, branding opportunities, on-demand reporting dashboard, lead scoring, text alerts, image capture, on-site engagement integration, custom CRM formatting, and voice-to-text notes.


8. Work with Professionals

National mobile marketing tours have many moving parts. The best way to get the show on the road is by partnering with professionals with the right experience. Hamilton is here to help. From the early days as the "King of Floats" to the "Historymaker" mobile museum and beyond, we have a 75-year legacy creating immersive brand experiences for companies throughout North America and worldwide. As a full-service event marketing agency, we design, produce, and execute integrated experiences – mobile tours, events, exhibits, environments, and digital solutions – that drive meaningful connections between your brand and your audience. 

When Cummins asked us to design and produce a mobile exhibit to promote engines, related products, and the brand, we conducted discovery with all stakeholders. We solicited chassis bids from two supplier partners. We designed and produced the trailer's interior and provided total project management, including assistance with tour logistics. Since the initial tour, several product and messaging retrofits have been performed at our facility.